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In the Flow
In the Flow; from Heaven to Earth
Ink work by Carol Cannon

August 1- August 30, 2023

Eastham Public Library,

190 Samoset Rd, Eastham, MA 02642

Thank you for coming to In the Flow and taking a look!  As I invite my students, I invite you, the viewer, to experience these works of art through your senses, through your belly and heart while letting go of the thinking mind while standing in front of them.  You, the viewer, actually complete these works of art by receiving their energy and allowing the inspiration to flow into and through you. 

The way in which these works came about is the same intention behind my decision to go to art school decades ago – I wanted to materialize the visions that came to me during meditations. But now, rather than working from my left brain and pre-planning how to compose an illustration, when I approach a blank piece of beautifully made rice paper, I make sure I am empty of any pre-conceived idea. I deliberately intend to be true to the inner guidance I feel internally, kinesthetically. I ask a higher, universal intelligence to descend through my body/mind channel and use my hand to render a gesture that will speak of its pure love, our original, perfect source. These are 3-dimensional hints radiating frequencies about our potential multi-dimensional expansion, individually and collectively.

So, it gives me great pleasure to have you receive the thrill and intrigue I experience in the act of making these signposts of bliss, blessing their destined environments.  Thank you for being In the Flow.

In the Flow South Wall 8 2023
In the Flow looking East
In the Flow North Wall 8 2023



NEW YORK, October 10, 2022- For the first time in 35 years work by the remarkable abstract painter Ahmed Yacoubi will be on display in Long Island City’s STUDIO 34, accompanied by big-brush paintings by Carol Cannon. From November 3- 14 GROK TWICE will showcase never-seen-before paintings and drawings of this internationally known Moroccan artist, interspersed with the spontaneous ink work of his one-time partner and lifelong advocate. At 7 pm, Cannon will present an Artist’s Talk about Yacoubi’s history and their work.

Razor Man, oil on linen, 10” X 8”, 1978
Parallel Lives, ink on rice paper, 51.5” X 26”

Ahmed ben driss El Yacoubi had a profound effect on Cannon’s life and art, their having lived and painted together for seven years and continuing as collaborators until his early death in 1985 at age 57.  This unveiling of his finely layered oil paintings and her equally innovative ink work is a culmination of a relationship that began 45 years ago.

Studio 34 artists at Grok Twice.jpg
Nelson Tom Thomas and at Grok Twice.jpg
People digging in at Grok Twice.jpg
Studio 34 husband at Grok Twice.jpg
Sotuh Wall at Grok Twice from doorway.jpg
Nelson and Thomas and Marsha at Grok Twice.jpg
Artist Talk in full swing Grok Twice.jpg
Talking Tom at Grok Twice.jpg
Carols Studio Opening 10 21.jpg
Shot of Studio corner for Studio Opening 10 21.jpg
Oct. 2021 Studio Opening in Long Island City
Exhibtion Sept 2019.jpg
Carol demonstrating Big Brush paintings at her show at The Alpha Workshops Gallery in NYC Sept, 2019
Julie at CC Alpha Show 2019.jpg
CC show at Alpha Workshop Gallery 9 20219.jpg
Carol at Alpha Exhibit Sept 2019_ lightened.jpg
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