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 5' 4" High X 8' Wide, sumi and hand-made inks on microfibre

Each painting has it's "story."  This is the "Surprises" story:  My not having access to over-sized rice paper, I have been rewarded by experimenting with painting on micro-fibre sheets.  In this case, I was unloading the mop I had just used for doing a big-brush stroke on another sheet - randomly dotting the flattened "fitted sheet" with the remaining ink before going home.  At the studio, I realized there was something to these "hydrangeas" or "chysanthemum" - like bursts, so I started adding more, using one of my big sea sponges, filling more of the negative space, using some matching deep grey ink and pure black, and eventually being moved to fill the remaining areas with strong colors that I mixed using pigment and shellac.  Ultimately, it called for some metallic highlights but In the process of moving it in my studio, I noticed how truly alive it came when it was held up to the windows - so I embarked on finding a way to backlight it.  A curtain of white Christmas lights didn't work, a solid flourescent bar didn't work, so until I can create the equivalent of a giant lightbox, it will be shown as any normal painting, frontlit.  But some ambitious buyer just might have a giant plateglass window to hang it in and have it's radiance really shown off!   Neither having the space to store very large paintings nor wanting to transport them, I built a "collapsible" stretcher and easy method to stretch it on demand, so it can travel or be shipped rolled up.  


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